Darwin sez NO FAT CHICKS!

This morning I was looking for “No Fat Chicks” shirts online because I love a bit of irony in my life, plus I figure it would be a good chance to talk about Fat Acceptance with people who felt the need to comment, when I came across this:

OMG Darwin, why you so mean??

OMG Darwin, why you so mean??

O RLY NAO?? That is awesome. This wouldn’t be ironic if I had this on a t-shirt (or in this case on a bumper sticker or a cute, fluffy fat teddy bear sporting a tiny hate-filled shirt), it would be just plain stupid. If evolution says no fat chicks, then how are their so many of us? Wouldn’t mate selection have bred us away many moons ago? Plus, I love how this rule apparently doesn’t apply to men. Because fat men are prosperous, whereas fat women are just selfish, lazy cunts who can’t put down the fork and take a damn walk! HA HA! Stupid women. (On a side note, I did find many “No Fat Chicks” mens shirts available up to size 5X. Again with the tasty, tasty irony.)

And besides, who do you think would better survive a nasty winter 20,000 years ago? A woman who’d spent the summer eating to store as much fat as her body would allow? Or a woman who, for the sake of attracting a mate, put down the leg-o-wildebeest and went for a jog? I’ll give you a minute to think about that…

…Yeah, I thought so

Oh craps! Only eight days until my test! MUST FIND TESTING PARTNER!


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