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Secret Eaters: Please Don’t Care What I or Anyone Else Thinks

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This started as a comment on another blog about people (usually women) who tell other people (also usually women) how they “envy” them for things that really shouldn’t have to be an enviable trait, such as being comfortable eating in public. I liked my train of thought so much that I decided it needed to be expanded on.

Eating in public is a major issue for a lot of women, even if they aren’t really aware of it. We’re told from an early age from many different sources that eating in itself is a shameful act, and that doing it in public is even worse (at this point you can replace eating with several other things, such as having/enjoying sex, speaking your mind, and telling men who want to talk at you to leave you the hell alone).

This decidedly fucked up relationship with food can be even more complicated if you’re a fat woman. Fat women are, after all, seen as over-consuming piggys of the highest degree, and not only should we be ashamed of being fat in public, but also eating in public.

“OMFG wut is wrong with her she’s eating and being fat at the same time in the same room as the rest of us!!”

-What fat women are told the public is thinking when we’re only trying to enjoy our nachos and margaritas

One of my friends and I used hang out for the whole day about once a week. We’d usually spend the day shopping/hiking/playing video games, and we’d both end up really hungry, so we’d go to a restaurant. When our food came, she ALWAYS proceeded to PICK AT HER FOOD FOR LIKE A MILLION YEARS and hardly eat any. She would only occasionally ask for a doggy bag even though I knew financially she could use the extra meal. Several times I told our waiter that I’d take her extra food. I’m poor, and if she doesn’t want her throughly picked over meal then I’ll gladly have it for lunch the next day.

She’s what I call a Secret Eater; she only eats what she wants and however much she wants when she’s totally alone and is sure nobody will catch her. She tells me she envys me because I don’t feel self conscience about eating in public. I’ve told her several times that it’s not a matter of not feeling self conscience, but a matter of being self centered. If somebody thinks that the Fatty at table 7 is gross because she’s cleaning her plate, that’s their problem. I’m pretty sure most people are too involved with their own selves to notice what other people are doing anyway, just like I am. (Unless the person at the next table is doing something *actually* gross, such as picking at their feet, which for some reason happens around me a lot.)

In case you were wondering, which I know you’re really not, I don’t go out to restaurants with her much anymore.

In all fairness, though, I guess I should point out something: I’ve been a social outcast since almost as long as I can remember. I had very few friends in school, and we were pretty much all outcasts together. Most everyone else around me either mocked me not-so-behind-my-back, or just plain ignored me. I’m USED to not giving a flying fuck what other people think of what I’m doing/wearing/saying. It was just a survival tactic. I only extended that self-centeredness to public eating.

So go ahead and envy me and my awesome Powers of Public Eating, although you really shouldn’t. Instead you should work on getting a set of your own. Honestly, it’s very liberating. I wish I could offer some helpful tips on how to get started on your own journey. Eh… I guess I could try…

  1. Pick up a copy of a good HAES book (such as Lessons From the Fat-O-Sphere), OR find the Fat-O-Sphere blogroll OR watch this video because it is filled with win.
  2. Read/Enjoy
  3. (optional) Get a crappy and/or low-paying and/or low-dignity job that involves interacting with the public, such as a cashier at a large corporate grocery store, or a bus driver, or in a diner.
  4. (only as follow up to 3) Realize after several years in crappy job interacting with the public that there is no reason at all to give a shit what people think of you, because the public is full of idiots. TEEMING with idiots. And why should you care what idiots think of you?

I hope that’ll help get you started. Like I said, it’s really quite fantastic not caring what other people think of you, AS LONG AS you are happy and comfortable with yourself. So go fourth, and be happy being you!


Darwin sez NO FAT CHICKS!

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This morning I was looking for “No Fat Chicks” shirts online because I love a bit of irony in my life, plus I figure it would be a good chance to talk about Fat Acceptance with people who felt the need to comment, when I came across this:

OMG Darwin, why you so mean??

OMG Darwin, why you so mean??

O RLY NAO?? That is awesome. This wouldn’t be ironic if I had this on a t-shirt (or in this case on a bumper sticker or a cute, fluffy fat teddy bear sporting a tiny hate-filled shirt), it would be just plain stupid. If evolution says no fat chicks, then how are their so many of us? Wouldn’t mate selection have bred us away many moons ago? Plus, I love how this rule apparently doesn’t apply to men. Because fat men are prosperous, whereas fat women are just selfish, lazy cunts who can’t put down the fork and take a damn walk! HA HA! Stupid women. (On a side note, I did find many “No Fat Chicks” mens shirts available up to size 5X. Again with the tasty, tasty irony.)

And besides, who do you think would better survive a nasty winter 20,000 years ago? A woman who’d spent the summer eating to store as much fat as her body would allow? Or a woman who, for the sake of attracting a mate, put down the leg-o-wildebeest and went for a jog? I’ll give you a minute to think about that…

…Yeah, I thought so

Oh craps! Only eight days until my test! MUST FIND TESTING PARTNER!

X-Rays Are Cool and All, but I’ve Got a Test

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            I went to the doctor on Monday. I’ve been having pain in my foot and I wanted to make sure everything was alright. Doc told me that he didn’t think it was a fracture, that maybe I had just bruised a bone, but just to make sure I got my foot x-rayed. It was pretty cool because I’d only ever had my knees x-rayed, and frankly they’re boring to look at. If I could DL the pictures from my phone I’d post them. It’s really cool, and the best news is that if I do have a fracture, which as I said is unlikely, it’s so tiny that it didn’t show up.

            SO Doc told me what I figured he’d say: don’t go pounding your foot all over your kickboxing pads for a few weeks. Damnit, Doc, I have a test on the 24th!! I don’t have time to be injured and careful!

            On a related kickboxing note, I do have a test on the 24th. I am GOING to test this time, I swear. I don’t have a testing partner test yet, but I think Bob is going to help me find one. I’m hoping Seth will help, but he’s moving soon so I doubt that’ll work out. 😦

            I also loaned Doc my copy of Health at Every Size. He seemed really interested. Doc isn’t an anti-fat douche bag, but I figured it would be cool if he was more informed on FA and such. And maybe he’ll have Other Doc at the office read it. Lord knows she needs it.