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X-Rays Are Cool and All, but I’ve Got a Test

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on June 11, 2009 by fatlete

            I went to the doctor on Monday. I’ve been having pain in my foot and I wanted to make sure everything was alright. Doc told me that he didn’t think it was a fracture, that maybe I had just bruised a bone, but just to make sure I got my foot x-rayed. It was pretty cool because I’d only ever had my knees x-rayed, and frankly they’re boring to look at. If I could DL the pictures from my phone I’d post them. It’s really cool, and the best news is that if I do have a fracture, which as I said is unlikely, it’s so tiny that it didn’t show up.

            SO Doc told me what I figured he’d say: don’t go pounding your foot all over your kickboxing pads for a few weeks. Damnit, Doc, I have a test on the 24th!! I don’t have time to be injured and careful!

            On a related kickboxing note, I do have a test on the 24th. I am GOING to test this time, I swear. I don’t have a testing partner test yet, but I think Bob is going to help me find one. I’m hoping Seth will help, but he’s moving soon so I doubt that’ll work out. 😦

            I also loaned Doc my copy of Health at Every Size. He seemed really interested. Doc isn’t an anti-fat douche bag, but I figured it would be cool if he was more informed on FA and such. And maybe he’ll have Other Doc at the office read it. Lord knows she needs it.